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Digital Sevices

iBooks Author

Sase Infotech is well experienced in designing and creating iBooks using the iBooks Author, and giving full service up to creating ITMSP package and help to publishes iBooks in Apple iTunes.

And in implementing features such as

  • Image Galleries with swipe-through for easy navigation.
  • Media formats such as .m4v and .m4a.
  • Create videos using animations with the provided content and concept.
  • Interactive Review questions including multiple-choice and drag-to-drop to answers
  • Keynote presentations
  • Interactive images allowing for pan and zoom for more detailed information

Custom Widgets:

  • HTML widgets created using Dashcode, Apple's widget creation tool
  • Puzzles
  • Questions with answer lines and space to type answers
  • To color images for students with color panel

Interactive Timeline

This cool widget lets you to create a sequence of image in a timeline, which can demonstrate the change of time occured for a different stages or a life cycle.

Before and After

Create stunning before and after comparisons with this simple but effective widget


Embed your own word search with as many words as you like into your book.


Bring almost any content from the Internet into your book. This is a great way to embed a full screen webpage into your book to include up to date, to the minute information.


Create awesome checklists for your readers to complete with this handy widget

Drag & Match

Match two images together to complete the puzzle

Interactive Fireworks

Have some fun generating some stunning fireworks.

Form Builder

Make amazing forms, questionnaires and surveys with this flexible form building widget

Image Explorer

Is the iPad screen not large enough for your fantastic image? Then this is the widget for you. Place large images in your book and let readers explore them in more detail.

PDF Document Viewer

Open PDF documents right inside your book

Slider Puzzle

Make a subject really stick in your readers mind with this simple sliding puzzle game. It's perfect for kids.


Don't explode your books size with videos, use our YouTube widget to stream your video clips instead.

Scientific Calculator

For Math book this in-book scientific calculator is very useful

Drag and Drop

Let your readers drag images around to make fun new ones

Google maps

Transport your readers to a specific place or show them where they need to go with this Google Maps widget. It's easy to setup and lets you to do everything from adding a simple map all the way up to a route you've created.

360 Panorama

Put readers right where you are with this truly amazing 360 Panorama widget. Take the photo with your iPad or iPhone and insert the link straight into your book for outstanding results.


Teach your readers how to draw, have them doodle or play about with this awesome sketch pad