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Typesetting and Page Composition

Sase Infotech is providing professional typesetting and composition services for the global Publishing industry and Universities around the world. We have experts in foreign languages which are our strength to understand the terminologies and instructions given by the client and handle the projects in an effective manner.

Sase Infotech takes the content in whatever form or format it is in and returns high quality output ready to be printed. We can offer the full suite of prepress services that enable clients to go from concept to print in the shortest possible time at a competitive cost. Our team has rich experience working with a wide range of applications including in the platforms:

  • InDesign
  • QuarkX Press
  • LaTeX

Typesetting Services

Children’s Books PreKG-12

To design & developing multilingual multimedia materials for student books, annotated edition of teacher's book with seperate teacher edition files.

Higher Education Books

To design & developing multilingual multimedia materials and delivering integrated publishing solutions for the higher education market.

STM Journals and Books

Providing cutting-edge services for Science, Technology, and Medical (STM) Publications. Also specializing in custom technology solutions and multiple media content delivery.

Trade/Consumer Books

Helping trade/consumer publishers create engaging, colorful content, achieve Greater speed to market, and provide multi-channel delivery.

Artwork/Illustrations Processing

Our artwork services include graphic reproduction and redrawing, resizing, grayscale & color line arts & half tone scanning, color corrections, retouching, rendering, animations, digital proofing and disk conversions.

Applications - for MAC and PC Platforms:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • ChemDraw
  • Geogebra for math

The graphic designing and multimedia skills of our team working for both print and web are comprehensive. We are designing cover pages and illustrations for books and journals and leading magazines, including figurative tables and graphs for scientific content. We also assist publishers by providing easy to use templates, built-in images and production specs.

Art Services:

  • Digital Image cleanup
  • Image Disk conversion
  • Image Re-label
  • Redraw line art, technical art, and creative art.
  • Recolor
  • Image Deep etch


Our indexing services are provided by subject matter experts, who have a vast knowledge on creating professional indexes.