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Reflowable ePub (ePub2 & ePub3) eBooks

Our capabilities include conversion of any type of content to ePub and Mobi format (Application files, Word document, Scanned pages, Hard copy, PDF documents, Custom XML), with high quality standards and quick turnaround times. We are capable of handling complex content and layouts, and can create ePub and Mobi compatible with several mobile devices, conforming to IDPF standards. We can also assist you in converting a variety of source documents or creating fresh content such as Word, PDF, XML and InDesign to deliver different eBook formats including ePub 3.0 and KF8.

Fixed Layout ePub (ePub2 & ePub3)

ePub is a valuable digital format to repurpose printed books and works well for text and low graphic images. But when it comes to children's books, comic books, magazines, high quality graphic designs/layouts where the focus lies on images and graphics, Apple's Fixed Layout ePubs for iPhone/iPad is an apt solution to render such books for achieving the best user experience. Some of the distinctive functionalities compatible with fixed layout ePub are:

  • Rich color and graphics
  • Enhancing art, Photography and Illustration
  • Multicolumn text
  • Narration - Text highlighting, Background music
  • Page Designs and Layouts
  • Read aloud
  • Embed videos and audios